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The Center for Cognition and Recovery provides training and consultation to community-based and inpatient mental health and human service organizations that serve people with schizophrenia and related mental illnesses. Services include:
• CETCLEVELAND® Training for coaches/therapists
• Ongoing consultation with CETCLEVELAND® coaches/therapists
• Education of mental health professionals and students
• CETCLEVELAND® fidelity to model
• Evaluation Research
• Assistance with grant writing and submission

CCR trainers are professionals in social work, nursing, psychology, counseling, vocational rehabilitation and other related disciplines. They are also experienced CET coaches/therapists who have provided direct service to individuals recovering from mental illness and have accumulated the following experience with CETCLEVELAND®:
• 14 years providing CETCLEVELAND®
• More than 225 CETCLEVELAND® groups
• Over 1,500 CETCLEVELAND® graduates
• Averaging an 80 to 85% attendance rate over the 48 weeks of CETCLEVELAND®
• Averaging an 85% graduation rate with an increased rate of volunteer and part-time and full-time employment experiences