About the Center for Cognition and Recovery LLC

The Center for Cognition and Recovery (CCR) is a non-profit LLC of Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland (JFSA) located in Beachwood, Ohio.

The CCR is dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of mental health through innovative treatments and trainings. Currently, the CCR disseminates and trains in Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET), an evidence-based practice designed to help people with schizophrenia and related cognitive disorders improve brain and cognitive development, social cognition, and increase vocational capabilities.

The CCR also has a new flexible training called Special Population Response Training (SPRT)® which is built around understanding mental illness and crisis. It is designed for Police, first responders, educators, or anyone who may encounter an individual in crisis.

CCR Mission: The mission of the Center for Cognition and Recovery is to serve the community through innovative training and education.  We change lives and inspire hope through outcome driven and/or evidence-based practices.

CCR Vision:  The Center for Cognition and Recovery aspires to change lives by providing quality, innovative solutions through training, education and services.

Zeeba Mercer BS MBA
Zeeba Mercer BS MBACEO
Zeeba Mercer comes to the CCR with 25 years of experience in healthcare and IT technology. She has been instrumental in establishing new business and technology opportunities in Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland through her expertise in national and global strategic planning and technology solutions-driven operational leadership. Prior to CCR, Zeeba founded and served as CEO of Excelarise and CCO for Tecquity, both healthcare consulting companies, and Technology Director of Aris Technology, a national teleradiology joint venture between Summa Health System and Akron Radiology, Inc. She also brought enterprise PACS and several clinical technology solutions to Summa Health System as System Director and acted as part of the strategic marketing and applications team within Nuclear Division product development for Philips Medical System (formerly Picker International/Marconi Medical Systems). Zeeba earned her BS in Nuclear Medicine and Biology from Rochester Institute of Technology and her MBA from Kent State University.
Wendy Maayan LMSW,MAAT
Wendy Maayan LMSW,MAATAssociate Director
Wendy has been a CET coach since 2006 and a CET trainer since the formation of the CCR. She has eighteen  years of professional experience in mental health services at psychiatric hospitals, schools, community mental health organizations and private practice in Israel and the United States. She received her Masters in Art Therapy from Universita L’ Habaa Vyetzera in Tel Aviv, Israel and at Lesley University, Cambridge Mass. and training in family and marriage counseling in Eilat, Israel. Wendy can be reached at 216.378.2794
Garrett Mayers
Garrett MayersBusiness Development Manager
Garrett has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Leisure Studies from The Ohio State University and has a background in business development, sales, and marketing. Garrett looks forward to establishing more CETCLEVELAND® sites nationwide.
T. Victor Lloyd, MAPC, Mth
T. Victor Lloyd, MAPC, MthCETCLEVELAND® Trainer
Victor has been a CET Coach since 2007. He also is a community mental health educator and law enforcement training specialist with several Cincinnati organizations, including the Cincinnati Police Academy and Cincinnati State College. He received a Master of Arts from Athenaeum of Ohio and a Master of Theology from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Maryland.
<strong>Alla Pustelnik</strong>
Alla PustelnikAdministrative Office Manager
Alla Pustelnik joined our team as an Administrative Office Manager in 2015. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Florida International University. Alla is committed to providing value and support to all of our coaches and clients. Alla can be reached at 216.504.6477.