Easter Seals Michigan produced the video below highlighting their CETCLEVELAND® program.

“The Path Forward” – February 2014

These informative videos highlight the CETCLEVELAND® Program at Bridgehaven Mental Health Services in Louisville, KY which features clients and staff.

CETCLEVELAND® Graduate and Family Member Feedback
November 3, 2011

These short video clips feature graduates and family members sharing their experience with CETCLEVELAND®

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“I remember when I first started the CET course I was skeptical, doubtful, unsure and incredulous about the program but only after a few weeks I was hooked! What really captured my attention was the program’s homework, computer exercises and the coaches motivating talks that taught me so much. I was learning how to deal with my disabilities and discover strengths within myself I didn’t know I had.” W.J. CET graduate, Arcadia Mental Health Center, Read WJ’s entire CET graduation speech.

“I learned about different parts of the brain and how they function and work together with each other. When I was first diagnosed (with schizophrenia), I used to have a lot of issues with anger all the time. Now I am able to think more positively and more clearly, so now I don’t get angry all the time and lash out at people.” CET graduate, Bridgehaven Mental Health Services, Louisville, KY

“The reason I like going to CET is because they treat me like I have a brain.” CET graduate, JFSA Cleveland

“CET was invaluable, I learned to laugh again and it brought out the happy side of me.”“I come to CET to improve my social skills. Since I have been coming to CET, I speak better. I am able to have conversations easier. I try to use it in my everyday life. I hope to continue to get better.” CET graduate, JFSA Cleveland

“Before CET I’d sit in my apartment, unable to interact socially and industrially. I isolated myself and felt alienated from the rest of the community. I was not willing (afraid) to participate in any activities. After CET, I’m willing and not afraid to participate in some community events constructively and I interact socially.” CET graduate, PLAN of SW Ohio

“CET has helped me understand how my disorder affects me and particularly the brain and my disorder. With this understanding, I have been able to handle my [illness] and no longer experience psychosis on a day to day basis. I definitely think CET has helped me return to work. My quality of life has definitely improved with the help of the psycho-educational lectures and group interaction at CET.” CET graduate, PLAN of SW Ohio

“We feel that we got our son back after he went through CET.” Parents of CET graduate

“We’ve witnessed what we believe is BT’s increase in confidence and self-esteem. These have penetrated many aspects of BT’s life, including work, family relationships, financial management and social encounters. For example, BT has been successful in the same position at work for almost three years, and twice in the past year has received an award for being Employee of the Month.” Sibling of  CET graduate

“Our 52 year old son who has schizophrenia has been a PLAN of North Texas client since 1994 and has benefited greatly from the various services. He graduated from CET last week with a renewed self confidence. In fact he said: “This is the first time I feel I really graduated.” Parents of  CET graduate

“My wife and I have noticed he is able to focus his attention in conversations and respond in a knowledgeable way. He has increased social contacts, continued his independent studies of religious history and written several reports on his studies. He has also made progress in accepting his disability. The PLAN of North Texas membership and staff are very glad that we started the program. We will have three classes of 10 students each, starting in October.” Parents of  CET graduate

“We just completed our first two sessions of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy and the outcomes were better than we expected. The sessions are 48 weeks long, and we graduated 20 of our members from the CET program. The results of these classes were simply amazing. We are so proud of the hard work of the CET coaches and the graduates! They are all an inspiration for the potential success of future participants.”Administrator, Bridgehaven Mental Health Services, Louisville, KY

“Learning how to be a CET Coach has been the best clinical experience.” Stacy Martz, Ph. D., Executive Director, PLAN of SW Ohio

“If we could, we would have CET groups on each of the units at North Coast Behavioral Health, Northfield Campus.” Douglas Smith, MD, Medical Director and Kevin Smith, Ph. D., Director of Psychology, Ohio Department of Mental Health

“For so many of these members, I think that they had kind of reached a point in their lives where they had maybe gone as far as they could go. That there wasn’t anything else to do. They are on the best medication possible. They are as stable as they could be on these medications. But what else is there. I think that we are understanding from CET is that this potential is not gone, every bit is open ended.” CET Coach, Bridgehaven Mental Health Services, Louisville, KY