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Above: CETCLEVELAND® graduation celebration at South Bay Mental Health in California.

CETCLEVELAND® is a community-based form of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET), an evidence-based practice designed to help people with schizophrenia and related cognitive disorders improve brain and cognitive development, social cognition, and increase vocational capabilities.

Individuals who participate in CETCLEVELAND® enjoy improved:

  • Processing speed/ability to respond to others promptly
  • Cognition/thinking (attention, memory, problem-solving)
  • Social cognition (the ability to interact wisely with others)
  • Meaningful roles (e.g. employment)
  • Self-management of mental health and physical health
  • Adjustment to and acceptance of disability

Organizations who become CETCLEVELAND® Community of Treatment Sites experience:

  • Increased clinical staff morale through a new therapy tool for their clients
  • Improved sensitivity and understanding among clinical staff  who will view clients’ disabilities in an entirely new and more accurate fashion
  • A steady, predictable income stream due to high attendance rates (85% to 90%)

A certified CETCLEVELAND™ Community of Treatment Site is viewed as an innovative and contemporary mental health care provider by clients, family members, funding organizations, and your community.

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