Bringing CETCLEVELAND® to your organization can involve any number of activities depending on the organization’s needs and level of readiness. For example, the Center for Cognition and Recovery staff can assist in any of the following ways:

  • Educate organizational stakeholders by offering workshops on CETCLEVELAND® . This is a successful method to inform clients, funders, staff and the public about the effectiveness of CET.
  • Assist in developing funding strategies, targeting national and local funders that will support this program and fund organization staff training.
  • Work with insurance providers.
  • Help select CET Coaches and clients, and a CET Coordinator to facilitate the establishment of a CETCLEVELAND® Program
  • Identify other organizations in your geographic area with whom you may be able to partner to establish a CETCLEVELAND® Program.

Read our detailed Frequently Asked Questions to learn how you can bring this exciting new treatment model to your community.

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